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Updated 5 June 2018

Education to fight against poverty
in the long-term

coup de pousse is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in Togo, in French-speaking West Africa. Togo is one of the poorest countries on the planet. Life expectancy is 60 years, and mortality for children under five years old is 12.3%. It is, however, a relatively stable country in which democracy is gradually becoming established despite recent political upheavals. coup de pousse focuses on the most disadvantaged populations of the Savannah Region, in the north of the country.


The aim of coup de pousse is to provide people with the means to fight poverty effectively and sustainably. Education is one of the keys to long-term development. In Togo overall, one in three children does not go to school. In the Savannah Region, it's one in two children. By culture and necessity, children participate in family tasks: boys work in the fields, while girls fetch water. Despite this, parents in the villages are aware of the benefits of sending their children to school. coup de pousse aims to put in place a complete educational structure, with activities focused on three groups of people:

  • For pupils: establish and furnish kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools, including latrines and sports fields; provide enriched learning opportunities for the best students and affirmative action for girls; fight malnutrition with school meal programs; raise hygiene and environmental awareness.
  • For teachers: provide additional pedagogical training.
  • For parents: teach literacy; train in farming and reforestation best practices; support women's economic empowerment.
  • Within the framework of these objectives, coup de pousse also supports water management and solar electrification projects.


    In 2010 coup de pousse began working in the village of Nagou, near the border of Ghana. At the end of 2014, operations expanded to include Djapak, Boré and Lokpergou, geographically situated on the same plateau. Most recently, in 2108, coup de pousse initiated two new projects in the villages of Kona and Malabate. These villages are next to each other and share a school.

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    € 1 donated = € 1 invested


    Although education is one of the priorities of the Togolese government, not all villages have schools, and often, those that exist are basic shelters with neither benches nor tables. As for school books, it is very common for there to be only one per class.coup de pousse works in collaboration with the country's academic authorities. Between 2010 and 2015, the NGO built two primary schools and two nursery schools with latrines in Nagou and Lokpergou. In 2016-2017, coup de pousse established a secondary school for the four villages of the plateau; 200 children are now enrolled.


    coup de pousse encourages success by challenging students to perform. Special prizes are awarded to the top students in each class and to those who pass the BEPC exam at the close of secondary school. To encourage girls to stay in school, more favorable enrollment conditions are granted. In order to improve the overall academic level, to the extent possible, additional educational opportunities are offered to students. coup de pousse also installs solar panels to allow children to study at night.

    coup de pousse raises student awareness of health hygiene and environmental quality with the installation of washbasins, garbage cans, and plantings at the school.

    Finally, coup de pousse fights malnutrition with the creation of school meal programs. At the end of each dry season and until the new harvests, there are frequently periods of food scarcity in these remote villages. In 2014, coup de pousse created in Nagou a school canteen held by the mothers of the village. In 2018, coup de pousse anticipates the creation of more such canteens during the lean season.
    Canteens here, as in other parts of the developing world, have a profound effect on school attendance.


    A large number of teachers in Togo are young volunteers paid by parents of the pupils. For lack of means, the national educational system cannot train enough teachers and propels young graduates with a baccalaureate degree directly into the profession. But these teachers are not trained in pedagogy. coup de pousse therefore organizes training sessions. Teachers, often highly motivated, are taught pedagogical methods based on encouragement, rather than repression and fear.


    Adult literacy programs organized by coup de pousse pousse are a great success. Beyond parents' own learning, these programs help to parents and children arrive at a common understanding of the benefits of education. In these villages, children can read, write and count, which is rarely the case for their parents.
    coup de pousse also reaches farmers by raising awareness of composting techniques, soil amendments to sustainably increase productivity, and reforestation. Finally, through women's groups and their community gardens, coup de pousse encourages income-generating activities that increase household incomes.

    Concrete example: in 2017, a villager, previously illiterate, started a small business. He trained to become a nurseryman and founded the community garden at Lokpergou.


    coup de pousse on the ground

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    Become a donor,

    whether you are a private individual or company

    Projects are awarded locally on a competitive basis and without middlemen. The running costs of coup de pousse are funded entirely by membership fees so that 100% of donations can be allocated to projects. One euro of donation is a euro earmarked for the benefit of villagers.

    In France, your donations are tax deductible within the limits provided by law. Sums paid to coup de pousse give right to a reduction of income tax of 66% of the sums paid, within the limit of 20% of taxable income. A 30 € donation will cost you only 10 €. A tax receipt will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation.

    Patrick Normand
    President - France
    +33 6 65 39 11 29
    Florence Legros
    President - Switzerland
    +41 79 546 71 31



    Faire un don

    What your donation buys: 4 € = a book, 30 € = a table-bench, 100 € = a wash-stand,
    300 € = a literacy program, 600 € = classroom equipment for one school, 1000 € = solar panels

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